What is DiamonDyze

DiamondDyze is a water based dye for enhancing type II colored anodizing. DiamonDyze is used in place of your normal dye. Specific Information on time and temperature settings for the dye tank is available in our “DiamonDyze Procedures” sheet.

Common Applications for DiamonDyze

  • Architectural Structures
  • Automotive Components both Functional and Cosmetic
  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Appliances
  • Commercial, Residential and Industrial Building Products
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Funiture
  • Marine
  • Sporting Goods

DiamonDyze is a break through in colored and hard anodizing. Using unique Nano technology, the advanced ceramic formultation provides the applicator with the ability to colour anodize parts AND impart extreme wear, thermal, chemical and corrosion resistance in one simple step. Compatible with both type II and Type III processess.

DiamonDyze can be used on any aluminum that can normally be anodized.

DiamonDyze Type II Coloured anodizing. It uses less energy and provides a smoother, less porous surface with good chemical and corrosion resistance. However, until now the only way to have extreme wear resistance was to turn to hard anodizing. Hard anodizing does create a very hard and durable surface but at the expense of the qualities that make TYPE II coloured anodising so popular, NOW DiamonDyze combines the features of both.

DiamonDyze May also be used with TYPE III Hard Anodizing (Hard Coat) and will enhance the properties of Type III.

DiamonDyze is simply added as a separate step after Anodizing and rinse, and before the colour tanks (For Clear simply immerse in the DiamonDyze tank, rinse and go to the seal tank). Type III requires the addition of a DiamonDyze tank (colour and rinse tanks next if desired) and a seal tank.

DiamonDyze is compatible with most dyes (a test to verify compatibility will be run a no charge) and may be added as a light coloured liquid to the dye tank (Type II and Type III). Including shades made by mixing the colours (Type II). DiamonDyze then increases the chemical and corrosion protection AND adds extreme wear resistance.

DiamonDyze Type II has proven to be so durable that it has worn the teeth off files in addition, the surface roughness numbers (Ra) improve signicantly. Type III has shown improved hardness numbers as well

DiamonDyze can be applied to most any aluminum part that normally can be anodized.