Marine Anodising Service in Auckland

Marine anodising 20-25 micron

Anodising is one of the best options for aluminium in a marine environment the aluminium oxide that is created is an integral part of the substrate and is much harder than the aluminium it replaces, giving it excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Unlike powder coating that can worm and flake the anodised coating is an integral part of the substrate, the anodic coating will not chip, peel or flake over time.

Hard anodising 50 + microns

Hard anodising is perfect for extreme corrosion protection in marine environments , reduces the effects of marine electrolysis , has a harder wear resistance than mild steel and can be chemically sealed for maximum corrosion protection .

Hard anodising produces darker coatings than normal anodising , but the exact shade depends upon the coating thickness which for hard anodising is 50+ Microns and the type of alloy used will directly effect the thickness and shade of the component . We cannot, therefore, colour match except between components from the same batch of metal. With the darker shade we are only able to dye hard anodising black .

Thinner hard anodised films generally 25 – 30 microns is often referred to as semi hard anodising .

It is advised that you consult us before machining any parts with very tight tolerances as there are many factors to consider when getting parts hard anodised.

Ultra kote

Due to the limited colour options with hard anodising we have our thin film KG Coatings that bond with the hard anodising giving the wear and corrosion resistance of hard anodising on the vital surfaces needed in a marine environment and a more acceptable colour match .

KG Industries 2400 series coating has outstanding corrosion protection by itself and will withstand a minimum of 500-hour salt spray tests at 5% salt so this coating and our hard anodising is the ultimate corrosion protection for marine environments .