General Manufacturing & Engineering

Whether you’re looking for increased corrosion protection, a harder wearing surface or just a colour on your aluminium components then anodising is the process for you. The anodised coating thickness and colour can be varied and when anodised the surface is converted to an aluminium oxide layer increasing the wear and abrasive properties of the aluminum. Some of the properties of Sulphuric Acid Anodising are:

  • Increased corrosion protection of above 336 hours Salt Spray Testing.
  • Increased wear resistance, as you are converting the aluminium into aluminium Oxide.
  • Can be left unsealed to improve paint bond and locktite bond strengths. Can be performed on many different surface textures.
  • Can be dyed black to eliminate light reflection for laser Optics.
  • A fantastic colour range for that unique decorative look.
  • The anodized layer formed is extremely thin, non-porous and non-conductive.
  • Can be anodized with a matt finish to eliminate light reflection for laser Optics
  • Improves equipment operation and performance (and not too bad on the eye).
  • With our latest colour range and gloss levels we are able to offer our customers any combination to achieve your desired finish and texture.

Areas where Anodising is currently benefiting:

  • Aerospace
  • Naval
  • Motorsport
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Paper Milling
  • Bio Chemical / Laboratory Equipment
  • Moulds
  • Plus many more …
  • Defence / Military
  • Marine Research
  • Mining / Petroleum Industries
  • Printing Industry
  • General Engineerring
  • Food Processing
  • Outdoor Equipment