KG Protective Coating Specialists

KG Products formally Kal-Gard has made available for sales its full line of proprietary performance coatings, industrial lubricants and gun care products. Machine Shops, Professional Engine Builders, Motorcycle Shops including Custom, Off Road and Street Bikes of all types, as well as Racing, Gunsmiths and Industrial Production/Maintenance Departments can now purchase coatings and other products for applications for use in their own environments.

Professional Protective Coating Specialist

Coatings have become a standard source of performance gains, increased part protection and increased production for virtually all professional race teams, engine builders, conveyor line maintenance departments, and gunsmiths reaching across many industries including Automotive, Aircraft, Firearms, Boating, Motorcycles, Oil Drilling, Food and Industrial.

Thin film protective coatings have been available for many years but with today’s technology they have become more effective. The greater numbers of users however have not been able to take advantage of the benefits of this technology as the expense and the time required to ship, wait for parts to be coated and then returned has made it impractical for many. 2007 research confirms Thin Film Coatings for esthetics and protection will see a substantial increase in the next several years.

Most businesses will not incur any major cost, and in fact, many shops already have the equipment needed to do an excellent job of applying the KG line of performance coatings.